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Knowsley, October 2022

‘Planets in the Pasture’ Album -

Outdoor Movement Performance.

Cronton Pasture played host to a large-scale model of our solar system in an event entitled ‘Planets in the Pasture'. Audiences were invited to come and observe the illuminated inflatables whilst listening to a narrative and soundscape created by children from the local community with support from arts collective Friend or Foe and local artist Frankie Gold; and watch a movement piece alongside the narrative.
Devised by the team. Role: Alien.

Performance de Rua.

Cronton Pasture recebeu um modelo do sistema solar em grande escala como parte do evento 'Planets in the Pasture'.
O público foi convidado a observar os insufláveis iluminados enquanto ouvia uma história criada por crianças da comunidade local, fisicalizada por mim e por Faye McCutcheon, Claire Beerjeraz e Lauren Tucker.
Criação coletiva. Personagem: Alien.

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