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Cronton Pasture played host to a large-scale model of our solar system in an event entitled ‘Planets in the Pasture'.
Audiences were invited to come and observe the illuminated inflatables whilst listening to a narrative and soundscape created by children from the local community with support from arts collective Friend or Foe and local artist Frankie Gold. The narrative was physicalised by me, Faye McCutcheon, Claire Beerjeraz e Lauren Tucker.

Role: Alien.

Cronton Pasture recebeu um modelo do sistema solar em grande escala como parte do evento 'Planets in the Pasture'.
O público foi convidado a observar os insufláveis iluminados enquanto ouvia uma história criada por crianças da comunidade local, fisicalizada por mim e por Faye McCutcheon, Claire Beerjeraz e Lauren Tucker.

Personagem: Alien

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